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Top 10 places with the highest value in the last month

Land prices in Turkey have experienced serious increases.
I would recommend you to take a look at these places that have increased in value day by day.

  1. İzmir Foça 38,6%   İzmir Foça
  2. Çanakkale Lapseki 37,6% Çanakkale Lapseki
  3. Konya Karatay 37,2% Konya Karatay
  4. Edirne Merkez 36,6% Edirne Merkez
  5. Ankara Kazan 34,6% Ankara Kazan
  6. Mersin Silifke 25,3% Mersin Silifke
  7. Ankara Altındağ 25,1% Ankara Altındağ
  8. İstanbul Şile 24,3% İstanbul Şile
  9. Bolu Merkez 22,2% Bolu Merkez
  10. Çorum Merkez 21,7% Çorum Merkez

Source: Hürriyet Emlak

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