March 2017

TOKI will build 425 thousand houses in 7 years


Speaking at the Uludag Economic Summit, TOKI President Mehmet ERGÜN announced the number of homes targeted to be built until 2023 as 425 thousand residences within 7 years. He added that more qualified and quality projects will be offered in…

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The Regulation on Turkuaz Card was published

turkuaz kart

Turkuaz card applications will be assessed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and will be given to foreigners who are suitable for the subjects such as education level, contribution to my country, professional experience, contribution to science and…

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What is the Real Estate Certificate?

gayrimenkul sertifikası

The Real Estate Certificate is a new investment instrument that will enable individual and corporate investors to confidently trust the real estate projects under CMB supervision. With the certificate of real estate, it is aimed that all the sectors that…

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